News Flash!!

Warning! If you don't like pictures of dead turkeys, stop here!!!

After taking a break this afternoon and posting on this blog, I saw these turkeys in the yard. One has a small white spot near the base of it's tale. Another has a large white area in the same spot.... I never noticed this marking before. Wonder if it is just a common thing that we don't normally "see".

So I went back to my hunting spot and about 1/2 hour later, two hens and this tom came strolling through. I did no calling, they were just moving through.

So now what do I do with these two vacation days I was going to use hunting??? Go back to work???? NOT!!

Later, Carlo


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Carlo!! wut a big burd dat iz! Now make it stop snowing....mmmkay.
Have HAPPY day!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Did you just bag the tom turkey?? Were the cardinals in the maple tree in the back yard or the lilacs???

yram said...

The white feathers are white-tipped when new. You saw them at the right time!
Are you going to eat that bird? yumm yumm

Anonymous said...

FYI Carlo, da bloogilz R startun tue hit! ;-)